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for watching fox and friends first. it was the final faceoff in florida. president obama and mitt romney clashing over foreign policy in the third and final presidential debate. the president insisting he has made america stronger. but mitt romney arguing the last four years cannot be preeted. kelly wright with more. >> if you watched the debate last night no doubt you were pleasantly surprised both candidates. you were surprised they even agreed. the president tried to portray governor mitt romney as a leader who would be unsteady with world affairs but governor romney didn't back down. he tried to portray the president as pulling america's world image down to a level of weakness. >> at home and abroad he has dick cheney as someone who shows great wisdom and judgment. taking us back to those strategies that got us into this mess are not the way we are going to maintain leadership in the 21st century. oo governor romney wrong and reckless policy? >> i have a policy for the future and agenda for the future. when it comes to our economy at home i know what it takes to create jobs and risin
. >> to say the very least. 13 days to go. president owe bam maup and governor romney are zigzagging through out the country hitting up the swing states. both candidates making last minute pushes to secure votes. >> do you think about it? do you think we can handle four more years where there are 23 million americans out of work looking for a good job? do you t do you think we can handle climbing every year. do you think we can handle four more years with declining home values? how about four more years with gasoline prices going up and up and up? are you ready for a real recovery? >> part of the reason i think it is hard for governor romney to do is your job plan doesn't really create jobs. it doesn't reduce the deficit. it adds to it. foreign policies from the 1980s. it's social policies from the 1950s. economic policies from the 1920s. so everything he is doing right now is to hide his real position and try to pwin this election. >> that leads us to this our question of the day brew on this question. in the final stretch what would you like to see from the candidates? >> send us your comm
election day. >> 11 days left in the election. president obama and mitt romney in the plan. >> brand new fox news poll shows mitt romney on the rise in one key swing state. peter doocy live in washington with more for us. >> oo at this point every electoral vote counts. the 15 electoral votes are now favoring mitt romney 47 percent of likely voters say they now choose the romney ryan ticket 45 percent pick the president and vice president at this point. that is a huge swing. romney is up two now but a month ago in september he was down by 7 in the same fox news poll. part of the reason for the late surge could be was of this is 50 percent of voters create jobs. only 44 percent take the president that is a huge difference from a month ago. romney was down 5 in this category in september. now he was up 6. the man who might be the 4th president says this last night. >> the president's campaign is slipping he can't find an agenda. only 12 days left. he hasn't had a chance to describe it to the american people in our debates and d is time for a big change. we are going to tackle the problems
on foreign policy as governor romney has. >> the current president has a different vision of the world. part of the failure this president has had is a failure of broad goals real goals a view of america's role and the world should be. we have never gotten that from the president. we haven't gotten from the president his plan for the future. >> each candidates talked about there are two visions for american people to decide. tonight's 90 minute faceoff takes place at boca raton, florida. both candidates spent the weekend preparing for this final debate knowing millions of americans will be watching closely. in such a tight race as this both know servieverything is at stake. >> brew on this question of the day what foreign policy issue would you like to see addressed tonight. send us your comments. you can tweet them at fox friends first or e-mail them at >> one issue that is sure to be addressed is labia. that is what lindsay graham and dick durbin are talking about. they are coming under fire for the way it handled the attack on our libyan consulate. we learn ch
is they might have thought it was going to be a terror attack but unrelenting coverage of the romney statement, the gaff he made and all that. they were uninterested in the story. they might have made an outgoing but the media is interested in the romney stuff not interested in the whole detail. we ride it out until leblgs day. what the secretary of state said that we saw is let's not rush to any judgment because we are going to get a report of the committee. you know what the committee is going to report? in the middle of next month. that means after election day. all they wanted to do from the beginning was to string them out until leblgs day. why not run with a story that it is all about an american nut who released the video not the administration. >> stick around for fox and friends they will be joined by binge west former assistant secretary of defense who says the most severe failure in lib r yaw was in aiding the living. >> the top five stories making news at this hour this morning the 17-year-old arrested for the brutal murder of jessica ridge way making the first court appearance. he
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)